A Brief History

On May 12, fourteen Master Masons attending the University of Michigan founded Acacia Fraternity.

Acacia's founders established the fraternity on a unique basis. Membership was restricted to those who had already taken the Masonic obligations, and the organization was to be built on the ideals and principles inculcated by the vows taken by Master Masons. Within one year, four other Masonic clubs received Acacia charters, paving the way for rapid expansion in the following years.

Members were to be motivated by a desire for high scholarship and of such character that the fraternity would be free of the social vices and unbecoming activities that for years had been a blot on the fraternity life.

The evolution and development of Acacia over the years has resulted in a fraternity considerably different from what the founders originally envisioned. But, each major change has been an adaptation to the needs of new conditions, and each has permitted the fraternity to grow in reputation, influence, and strength.

Our second century will undoubtedly require further change, but so long as Acacia continues to stand for high scholarship, fraternal brotherhood and human service, the intentions of our founders will be well realized.

Masonic Traditions

Today, members are no longer required to belong to the Masonic Fraternity. However, since Acacia was founded by Master Masons, it still enjoys an informal spiritual tie to Masonry. Some Acacians pursue membership in the Masonic Orders, and Masonic lodges and individual masons have been of invaluable service to Acacia chapters over the years. This relationship, however, is voluntary. For a list of Grand Lodges across North America please click here.

Chapters and Colonies

Acacia Fraternity currently has 33 Chapters and 1 Colony.  These Chapters are spread across the entire country and even range up into Canada.  The original Chapter at Michigan was recently re-chartered this past Fall and many more expansion chapters are in the works.  

The Found Father of Acacia Fraternity

Back Row: E.E. Gallup, R.B. Scatterday, E.R. Ringo, R.W. Bunting (pledge), C.C. Van Valkenburgh (pledge), C.G. Hill, and B.E. Deroy

Middle Row: H.J. Howard, H.B. Washburn, W.J. Marshall, H.P. Rowe, W.S. Wheeler, G.A. Malcolm, and J.W. Hawkins

Front Row: C.A. Sink and J.M. Cooper